Patients & Visitors

Tobacco Policy

Tobacco and e-cigarette use by employees, patients and visitors - both inside and outside the facility - is strictly prohibited.

PCRMC is committed to the promotion of quality health care which includes the prevention of disease. With this commitment comes the responsibility of providing a safe, healthy environment for our patients, visitors and employees.

In order to establish and maintain the safest environment possible in which to deliver care, PCRMC’s buildings, property, parking lots and company vehicles are tobacco-free.

It is not the intent of PCRMC to control any person’s choice to use tobacco products away from the physical environment of PCRMC, but to create a healthier environment for everyone who works at PCRMC, receives care here or is a visitor to the facility.

The health hazards of tobacco use have been recognized by PCRMC and, as a leader in health care in South Central Missouri, PCRMC has an obligation to its patients, employees and to the public to strongly assert the risks of tobacco use. The establishment of a smoke-free environment makes such a statement.

Trying to Quit?
Please consult with your physician or nurse for information about nicotine replacement therapy while you are a patient here.

PCRMC offers classes and support for those who want to kick the habit. A successive seven-week tobacco-cessation class, developed by the American Lung Association, is offered at PCRMC. Call 573-458-7695 for more information or to register.