Patients & Visitors

Internet Access

PCRMC is proud to offer our patients and visitors with free Wi-Fi internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any laptop computer or handheld device that runs a current operating system (Windows XP or MacOS) has access. Simply look for Patient Wireless in your wireless network connections. If you are running an older system, you may need to configure your computer to use a “Service Set Identifier” (SSID) wireless network. Please consult your computer’s operational manual for more information.

Security Policy
PCRMC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen personal computer equipment. It is recommended that patients ask a family member or friend to look after their computer when they cannot.

Internet Guidelines

PCRMC has set forth the following guidelines for Internet access:

  • Certain websites are filtered by the hospital’s content filters.
  • Use of this computer system constitutes constant monitoring. Patients have no expectation of privacy. This is not a secure network.

Rotary Room and Cancer Resource Room
Internet access for health information research is available in the Rotary Health Information Center, which is located off the main hallway outside of the Emergency Department. Educational resources also are provided in the Cancer Resource Room located on the ground floor of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute.