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Organ and Tissue Donors

The organ and tissue online donor list was provided by the PCRMC Auxiliary and Volunteer Services. PCRMC receives a signed consent from a relative for all donors that are recognized on the website. If you have any questions regarding PCRMC’s online Organ and Tissue Donor portion, please contact Trish Unger at or 573-458-7920.

DODLastFirstPlaque TextNext of Kin
09/26/2017 Adamick Vicki Vicki L. Adamick Joe Adamick - Husband
03/17/2008 Albert Fern Opal Fern Albert Junette Owen - Daughter
09/07/2008 Alexander David David F. Alexander 9/7/2008 Robert Alexander - Son
11/01/2013 Allen David Jackson Came from a family of educators in the Vienna area. Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at UMR until retiring in late 1995. Ruth Allen - Wife
10/05/2013 Allen, Jr. Raymond Ray Allen October 5, 2013 Connie Allen - Wife
04/03/2006 Anderson Norma Norma M. Anderson April 3, 2006 Dr. Harland U. Anderson - Husband
03/01/2015 Archer David Bruce David Bruce Archer 3/1/2015 John Archer - Brother
07/22/2009 Arnold Glenda Glenda Faye Arnold "Great Person" 07/22/2009 Wynona Bryant - Daughter
03/28/2014 Baker Dalph Eugene Dalph "Gene" Baker 3/28/2014 Carrie Hill - Daughter
10/21/2008 Baugh Bobby Bobby G. Baugh 10/21/2008 Michael Baugh - Wife
05/01/2008 Beck Marvin Marvin Gene Beck 5/1/2008 Steven Beck - Son Peggy Beck - Wife - passed away
03/11/2010 Belmar Willard Willard Elno Belmar 3/11/2010 Ethel Blemar - Wife
06/02/2015 Berlin Dorothy Lee Dorothy Lee (Spencer) Berlin 6/2/2015 Doug Berlin - Husband
05/01/2008 Boettler Don In memory of Don Boettler 5/1/2008 Mike Holman - POA
06/17/2017 Bowles Debra Jean Debra Jean Bowles 6/17/2017 Jarrett Reedy - Son
11/30/2011 Bowman Elizabeth Elizabeth Rose Bowman 11/30/2011 James Bowman - Husband
04/11/2011 Boyd Daniel Daniel James Boyd 4/11/2011 Kimberly L. Boyd - Wife
04/15/2008 Bradford Eva Eva Jo Bradford 4/15/2008 Gustin Seawell - Son
03/23/2010 Breeden Helen Helen Genevieve Breeden 3/23/2010 Vienna Tyson - Daughter
02/21/2013 Breeden Michael Michael Jean Breeden 2/21/2013 Linda Sue Parker - Sister - passed away