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Health Information

There’s a peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got your health information at your fingertips. HealthVault™ connects with tools designed to help you stay organized, prepared, and ready for emergencies, letting you handle day-to-day events or emergencies with confidence.

Get your medical records in one place

It's time to put an end to fumbling through paper files, and get everything in one place, where you can find it when you need it. HealthVault™ makes it easy.

There are a number of ways to get your health information into HealthVault™. You can type it in yourself, upload documents and medical images, have your doctor fax records directly to HealthVault™, or use a service to collect your records and turn them into digital information. You can even connect with pharmacies, labs, hospitals, and clinics online to get existing information added to HealthVault™, and use compatible devices like pedometers and blood pressure monitors to add data.

With all of your health information organized and available to you online, you'll have an easily accessible picture of your health and can work with your healthcare providers to make more informed decisions.

How To Instructions

An easy step by step process was designed to help you get started. Just follow the simplified steps below to start receiving your health information from Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

  1. In order to begin you will need to create or sign in to HealthVault™. Once your HealthVault™  account is created, you can start the linking process with PCRMC.
  2. Grant Access Form: Complete and submit the form allowing PCRMC to send and receive your medical information to and from your Microsoft HealthVault™.  
  3. Complete authorization and return the form to PCRMC’s HIM Department.
  4. Once HIM staff has processed the required forms, you will receive an email. Within that email, follow the process instructions to finalize authorization.
  5. Information will upload to PHR approximately 5-10 minutes after all steps are completed.