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Microsoft Health Vault

At Phelps County Regional Medical Center, we believe our patients deserve access to their medical records. In an effort to increase patient control, PCRMC now offers Microsoft® HealthVault™ to better meet the healthcare needs of the residents in our service area.  With your healthcare records organized and available to you online, you can easily access your health information from anywhere at anytime. 

What is Microsoft® HealthVault™?

Microsoft® HealthVault™ is a trusted online health information resource that connects you to tools designed to help you stay organized, prepared and ready for emergencies.  HealthVault’s™ easy accessibility allows you to share important health information with the people that you choose, such as, physicians, family members, friends or pharmacies.

What are the benefits to using Microsoft® HealthVault™?

Imagine if you could have immediate access to your health record.  HealthVault™ allows you to store your health information easily online so that you can finally get rid of all those stacks of paper, and still have your health information available to you at your fingertips.   HealthVault™ offers you:

  • The ability to track and manage your prescriptions and chronic conditions
  • Online health tools and devices to help you analyze and manage information to help you achieve your health and fitness goals
  • The ability to gather and store information online using health devices such as, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, pedometers and more.  Also, the HealthVault™ Connection Center—the free software you use to upload your device data—allows you to upload medical images.
  • Organization for medical records in one place, the ability to prepare for emergencies and tools to help care for and manage your family’s health

How do I get started?

There are a number of ways to get your health information.  In order to begin you will need to create or sign in to HealthVault™. Once you create your account, you can:

  • Type in your health information, upload documents and medical images
  • Manage your family’s health information and store their data
  • Have your doctor fax records directly to HealthVault™  
  • Use a service to collect your records and turn them into digital information 
  • Connect with pharmacies, labs, hospitals and clinics online to get existing information added to HealthVault™, and use compatible devices like pedometers and blood pressure monitors to add data

Once your HealthVault™ account is created, you can start the linking process with PCRMC. To find detail instructions on linking with PCRMC, visit the Health Information tab.

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Privacy Policy

It’s your HealthVault™  record. You decide what goes into it, who can see, use, and share your information, and which health tools have access to it.

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