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Professional Development Education

Phelps County Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer a new series of Professional Development classes. Using an interactive approach, these classes will help you identify and use the employee’s strengths to build a more solid foundation and promote teamwork at all levels of the organization. Class cost will be determined by the number of enrollees (base cost of 15 employees, regardless of attendance) and the length of the session. For additional information on how you can enhance your team’s dynamics, please call 573.458.7902.


True Colors Personal Success Workshop

Time length: 2-4 hours

Course: This hands-on, interactive workshop, will guide participants through the True Colors foundational experience. Practical and useful activities apply the True Color concepts to the participants personal and professional lives. Understanding the similarities and differences of all people leads to improved communication skills, a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others, and more meaningful relationships. A True Colors Personal Success Workshop introduces everyone to easy and highly effective personality and communication tools.


Power of a Thank You

Time length: 1-1.5 hours

Course: Defines appreciation and helps employees understand the power of appreciation in the workplace. Teaches the “art” of appreciation and why appreciative workplaces have higher productivity and lower turnover.



Time length: 1-1.5 hours

Course: Defines what a team is and the elements of teamwork. Helps identify your team player style and determine how it meshes with the rest of the team. It helps you determine why work style differences matter and how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your style. This class shows how negative and positive attitudes affect teamwork.


Time Management

Time length: 1 hour

Course: This class identifies your degree of organization, steps to getting organized, and how to maintain an organized work space. It explains the importance of organization and how it impacts productivity, time management and customerservice.


Body Language Speaks

Time length: 1-1.5 hours

Course: This course introduces you to body language and helps you understand the true meaning sent beyond what you are actually saying. Body language makes up fifty-five percent of how our message is communicated. Many body signals are delivered and received subconsciously. Being aware of such signals helps us get the right message across. In addition, we can adjust our own body posture to make sure we have the right level of subconscious effect on others. The last thing we want is to say something while implying something else through our body language, potentially undermining our words without realizing it.


Perception: How it Plays into Customer Service

Time length: 1 hour

Course: This class will help you understand how actions convey information and influence others. You will discover how emotions, motives, and objective reasoning create customer reality through perception. Additionally, you will develop an appreciation of service excellence through the eyes of the customer.